The mini-guide to maximizing meeting room rentals

Meeting room and conference room rentals are an important part of your revenue stream, as well a funnel for prospective members. 

This quick guide includes ways to:

  • Equip your rooms properly
  • Market your rooms creatively
  • Provide user guidance
  • Streamline management
  • Differentiate your service

guide to maximizing meeting room rentals
rent meeting rooms for coworking spaces

11 functions you need

So here we’ve outlined the 11 power functions that Coworks software includes to deliver a booking capability that is robust but also reliable — and really easy to use.


Rent your meeting rooms and grow your coworking business

Coworking space operators know that meeting rooms are an essential part of their revenue strategy. They not only provide added value to existing members but also serve as a great way to attract new prospective members.

Meeting room booking is also an important aspect of serving the community and providing a space for events, workshops and networking opportunities. Monetizing space with flexible rental options is yet another benefit.

Coworking space operators can be savvy about how they market their meeting rooms, how they supply the meeting room with traditional and non-traditional resources, and how they use automation and robust software to manage rentals. Easy-to-use software can help streamline the booking process, offer flexible pricing options, and provide accurate billing and invoicing. By paying attention to these details, coworking space operators can create a valuable and effective meeting room experience that benefits members and the community alike.

Level up your conference and meeting room rentals 

Coworks space management platform is specially designed coworking space management software that helps operators streamline their marketing and management efforts, making it easier to manage public spaces like meeting rooms, event spaces, and conference rooms. Our software is robust, user-friendly, and features automation capabilities that make running your coworking space a breeze. Say goodbye to the days of manual tracking and administrative tasks and say hello to the ease of use and efficiency that Cowork provides. Watch a demo and see for yourself how our software can make a difference in your coworking community.


They didn’t have to say nice things, but we’re glad they did.

“Coworks has been a game changer for the coworking space I manage.”

“This saves us so much time! We literally get people to join the app while they are sitting with us at orientation and we walk through it with them.”

“Having Coworks is like an extra team member. It reduces our overhead and admin time.”

“The analytics and dashboard are where Coworks sets themselves apart from other platforms we looked at.”

“I wanted something seamless and that would scale. I asked other coworking space founders, and I was introduced to Coworks!"

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