The Coworking Operator Survey - Full Report

How do coworking managers and directors spend their day within their communities — is it doing the things they want to do or that they have to do?

As the year wrapped up, the Coworks team surveyed dozens of coworking operators and community managers to get an inside perspective.

Here’s what we wanted to know.

  • What tech tools do you use every day?
  • What best converts new members?
  • What integrated services do you wish you offered?
  • How do you foster community?
  • And more

Coworking Operators survey graphic
Coworking operator survey feature graphic

Coworking managers are doing it ALL.

How does your day-to-day experience of running a coworking space compare to other community managers and directors?

As the coworking industry matures, there is an increasing need to understand the real-world operations, challenges, and best practices that emerge for those managing these community-centric workspaces.

That's why we developed the Coworking Operator Survey - the first of its kind national study focused solely on documenting the actual tasks, tools, metrics, and pain points of coworking space operators like you. We go beyond speculation to uncover how managers and directors spend their time, what metrics they track, what tasks they find most challenging, and what tools they rely on to keep their spaces running smoothly.

The goal is to create an industry baseline - a way that an operator like yourself can compare your experiences to peers and inform better decision making for your space. With responses from over 100 active coworking space operators across the US, this survey offers an unprecedented level of transparency into the average coworking workday. We surface everything from the colleague interactions that fill your calendar to the tools you wish existed to make your job easier. 

Unlike member surveys, this study is focused on the behind the scenes reality of what it takes to create that member experience in the first place. After all, understanding operator pain points allows us to better address what members value most. From balancing community development and events to negotiating leases and managing vendor relationships, this survey dives into the unfiltered experiences of leaders like yourself.

Armed with these insights from peers throughout the country, coworking operators can better evaluate their own strengths, identify areas for operational improvement, demonstrate value to stakeholders, and discover tools that make managing shared workspaces more efficient. This project sheds light on the operator experience so we can better understand how to support the backbone of the coworking industry. offer flexible pricing options, and provide accurate billing and invoicing. By paying attention to these details, coworking space operators can create a valuable and effective meeting room experience that benefits members and the community alike.


They didn’t have to say nice things, but we’re glad they did.

“Coworks has been a game changer for the coworking space I manage.”

“This saves us so much time! We literally get people to join the app while they are sitting with us at orientation and we walk through it with them.”

“Having Coworks is like an extra team member. It reduces our overhead and admin time.”

“The analytics and dashboard are where Coworks sets themselves apart from other platforms we looked at.”

“I wanted something seamless and that would scale. I asked other coworking space founders, and I was introduced to Coworks!"

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